PATRÍCIA PARDO (Alaquas, 1975). Clown, stage director, teacher and playwright. 

The performing arts company that she manages has presented most of her theatre productions in fourteen different countries all over America, Europe and Oceania. The main techniques at her plays are clown, live music, hilarious monologue, trapeze and balancing acts. 

Playwriting teacher at the Theatre in Education postgraduate’s program at Universitat de València, at the Aula Oberta d’Escriptura, and at the Applied Theatre master’s program; and clown teacher at the Escuela del Actor in Valencia and at the Escola de Teatro Escalante.

In 2017, the book Patrícia Pardo. Obra escollida is published. The work covers a selection of the dramatic, circus and poetic work of Patrícia Pardo between 1996 and 2017.

The artists Alba Cobo, Esteban Hernández, Po Poy and César Sebastián sign the comics, illustrations and collages that represent the circus and clown language created by Patrícia Pardo.


L’autoria teatral valenciana del segle XXI: la consolidació de noves veus (Ramon X. Rosselló. Zeitschrift für Katalanistik – Revista d’Estudis Catalans)

Una estètica perifèrica (Isabel Marcillas. Universitat d’Alacant-Perpinyà)

Más allá de la interpretación (Ramon X. Rosselló. Universitat de València)

El cant obrer de Patrícia Pardo (Vanesa Martínez Montesinos)

Culo, culo, culo (Isabel Requena, Con la A)

Past activities: Drama and clown texts. Stage directions. Playwriting courses. Clown, physical theatre and performing arts creation courses. Papers and conferences. Screenplays.